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No single raindrop believes it is responsible for the deluge.

Okay, by now you should have discerned that this is not your run-of-the-mill vanity site. I'm not trying to impress potential employers. I really use ths site as a personal adventure playground for mastering various web technologies. For example, the link to, down the page, demonstrates the benefit of making your site Responsive.

Do you want my help or advice?.

Unfortunately, in my experience, advice is rarely taken well unless it reinforces the extant prejudices or preconceptions of the enquirer.

I have often been called a contrarian. I blame Joseph Heller's wonderfully contrarian novel ‘Catch-22’ for influencing me so profoundly at a young and formative age. Later, I Discovered and my life and atttudes were (almost) fully defined and rounded out.

Accordingly, if you aren't prepared to hear it like it is, then don't ask (me).

My oldest and dearest friend is grounded all the way up to his chest. He is seriously OCD and a true control freak. His mind and life are so organised that I'm certain he has trained dust to accumulate in ordered patterns in defined areas.

He is appalled at my habits. You see, I am a messy thinker and my ecosystem clearly reflects this, which is why I naturally fell into project work. My record in this area has not been "messy" as has been proved by the various awards that I have garnered over the years. Nonetheless, his admonitions persist and have even become more strident. I remain resolute in my lifestyle and habits.

A wicked, droll and irreverant sense of humour can add spice to a conversation. Mine has been described as the bird's eye pepper in the spice of life.

If you are into political correctness, then I suggest you cross the road when you see me. I don't take words at their face value; I want to know and understand why they are being used.

I'm often told that I ‘can't’ do or say something, to which my instantaneous auto-response is: "I think you mean ‘shouldn't’, because I have just clearly demonstrated that I can."

The Week in Phony Australian Politics

Bread & Circuses for the hoi polloi.

NSW is in desparate need of planning, health services and education to name just a few of our state deficiencies. Gladys, in her infinite wisdom has decreed that spending $2.5bn on sports stadia reconstruction will cure all our ills.

  Do not read more…

"Those who seek power are inherently unfit to wield it" -- Douglas Adams

ASEAN, who? Being a modern leader means using a regional forum (of which we are not a member) to spout self-serving political dogma while basking in the reflected light of serious politicians -- aka, the PM of Singapore.

The press conference only showed how shallow and myopic Turnbull is and how irrelevant he and we are in SE-Asia.

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Australia's Donald Trump?!?

With Labor heading decidedly to the left, will Bill eventually see the forrest despite the trees?

With the gateway to political power firmly in his sights, Bill pulled the trigger and shot himself squarely in the foot by alienating self-funded retirees -- "No pensioner will be worse off."

Onya Bill!

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